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Our experienced team of dentists and dental professionals are here to make you smile.

Why Grand Rapids Dentures and Implants?

Our team is able to provide amazing results and extremely competitive dental implant and denture prices for multiple reasons:


Select Range of Services

While most dental offices provide root canals, fillings, and crowns, our practice focuses exclusively on dental implants, extractions, and dentures.


On-Site Dental Lab

This allows us to provide a more personal touch, reduce costs, and provide your service quickly.


Passion to Make a Difference

Our doctor’s enthusiasm for this life-changing area of dentistry has taken them on an intensive implant journey. We have a passion for restoring patient’s smiles with implants and dentures and continuously honing our skills and staying up to date with implant education in order to offer patients the very best treatments available.

Dr. Devon Pucel

Dr. Devon Pucel is a seasoned dentist at Grand Rapids Dentures and Implants, renowned for delivering compassionate dental care with a personalized touch. His practice blends a modern, cutting-edge approach to dentistry with a traditional, personable approach to patient interaction, ensuring a unique and comforting experience for every individual.

Originally from Wildwood, Missouri, Dr. Pucel earned a biology degree at the University of Missouri, followed by his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2018, where he was the class president for all four years. Dentistry is deeply ingrained in his life, with both his father and mother immersed in the field, providing him with an early and comprehensive exposure to dental care.

Dr. Pucel possesses extensive knowledge in implantology and cosmetic general dentistry. His commitment to ongoing education in these areas reflects a deep commitment to staying current with the latest advancements in the dental field. This dedication ensures that his patients receive care that is both advanced and tailored to their individual needs. In his practice, patients are met with a refined and compassionate approach, underscored by attentive listening and a gentle touch.

Dr. Pucel is passionate about positively impacting the lives of his patients, taking great pride in restoring confidence through vibrant, healthy smiles.

Away from the clinic, Dr. Pucel indulges in his love for 3D printing, Formula 1 racing (especially Red Bull Racing), and quality time with his golden retrievers, his family, and relaxing with TV shows.

At Grand Rapids Dentures and Implants, you’re invited to a place where modern dental care is infused with traditional values, focusing on oral health, patient satisfaction, and overall well-being.



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